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  Welcome to Club Energo    
  Which environmental issues contemporary man must address in order to survive? What is the health risk? How to select proper food in modern urbanized society? What kind of cosmological events take place in our solar system and beyond. These are just of few topics from the educative events of Club Energo.

The general array of the fields can be summarized as:
environmental awareness,
human values and health, both from the physical and mental aspect.

"Widen your horizon - without prejudice" is the slogan of Club Energo.

The Aim of Club Energo
By sharing the know-how, the collective lore of knowledge grows to benefit the membership of the club. Club Energo covers mainly the practical side of living.

Through the research work the club seeks to explain yet understudied issues in environmental development and human mental values.

Code of Ethics
Ethical values of club members are expressed in the Code of Ethics.


How to participate?

If you are interested in participating or cooperating with Club Energo, do not hesitate to  contact us. Allthough most of our events are conducted in estoninan, we are keen to establish international relations and to find friends abroad.



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