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  In Club Energo one can practice science on the amateur level. Hobby Science in Club Energo means conducting scientific research by hobbyists. The subjects for research are earth rays and other environmental factors that affect the health of human, vegetation or biosphere as a whole. The goal is determine the effect of such factors (positive or negative) and the scale. 

The research teams embodies club members and one or more specialists. Each team has a specific goal within the field and to make the findings of their work public.

The methods of research include biosensor-measuring (dowser) and instrumental studies. The main trend of research is to find scientific interpretations to dowsing phenomena and to discover concurrence of these two approaches.

We are eager to find answers which help us explain unknown or less studied environmental events. Is it possible inside the framework of contemporary science? If not, in which direction the science should evolve, taking into account new findings.

Club Energo wants to contribute to the awareness of the society regarding the hidden risks of today living environments. This is done through accumulated knowledge and experience that encompass the work of our members and co-partners.

We are opened for co-operation with research groups or sole researches.


How to participate?

If you are interested in participating or cooperating with Club Energo, do not hesitate to  contact us. Although most of our events are conducted in Estonian, we are keen to establish international relations and to find friends abroad.



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